Being in a relationship is hard work. Non one can deny that. When things get rough, the typical reaction is to lash out. This could lead to domestic violence if the police are involved. In some cases, both parties could be arrested. In other cases, only one might be arrested and that very well could be you. If you are released on bail, you might not be able to afford bail at that time. Using a bails bondsman could be your only hope. So, how does it work if this is what you must use?

Getting Released on Bail

The first thing you must go through is what is known as the pre-trial. They aren’t determining if you are guilty or innocent at this point. They are just looking at what it will take and where you will be held until your actual court date. If you are given the chance to be released if you pay a certain bail amount, then you can work with a bail bondsman in order to help pay the amount you need to pay.

Paying Your Bail

When you are released after being told you can be released if you pay pail, there are a few ways one can go about to pay this. Cash is always a good option and one they won’t turn down of course. There is what’s called a secured bails bond. With any type of domestic bail bonds dayton oh you would have to have something to put up that if you can’t come up with the money, they will use it as collateral. For instance, you can use your house. If you can’t pay it, then you are going to have to go the unsecured route and use the services of a bail bondman. When you use a bail bonds service also known as a bail bondsman, you still must pay a percentage on your own. Usually, this is fifteen percent and they pay the rest on your behalf.

Guarantee to Appear

When you are released on bond, they are holding you accountable to make your court appearance. There might be other stipulations with your bail bond. A restraining order might be one stipulation as well as maybe even staying at someone else’s house. It’s all up to the judge. If you fail to appear for your court date and/or you violate these conditions a warrant for your arrest will be issued and you can guarantee the judge won’t have any leniency at this point.

Things happen at the heat of moments when people are angry. Hopefully when you find how much you must pay in terms of just bail, you will work to figure what is the root cause of such problems, so it doesn’t happen again. If you aren’t sure of the number for a bail’s bondsman should this be how you go to pay for your bail, then talk to one of the officers. They will have the number of local bails bondsmen that you can call when they give you your free call.